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Thanks for checking out my website! Please contact me regarding work opportunities. I am available for short-term or full-time positions and I'm am willing to re-locate pretty much anywhere.


(978) 846-2094


Jim Donovan - About me

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I graduated from Springfield College in 2005 with a BS degree in Computer Graphics.  I have been using Maya since 2002 and after college I worked as a professional freelance artist in areas such as animation, modeling, texturing, and rigging.  In 2009 I felt that I lost sight of my animation goals and enrolled at Animation Mentor.   I completed the program in December, 2010 and was immediately hired by Sony Pictures Imageworks to animate on “Green Lantern”.  A week after I finished working at Sony I was hired at Reel FX to help animate “Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas”. I then moved to Portland, OR to work on some commercials and then to WA to work on "Halo 4".

When I’m not sitting behind a computer, you can find me out in the woods, in the mountains, or on the water.  I love to ski, mountain bike, white water kayak, rock climb, surf, wakeboard, and basically any other “adventure sport”.  I enjoy travelling and I find that a career in animation is a great way to explore areas all over the world.

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